Cell mini project: Choose one of the following options ( A, B, C, D,E) to complete. This is a 50 point assignment.

OPTION A: ( 54-56 pts)

The Cell as a Factory – The Cell as a City

Now that you have read about how each part of the cell functions, let's look at how the cell as a whole works. In some respects, a eukaryotic cell is very much like a factory. Although cells perform many different functions, one of the most important jobs carried out in the cellular "factory" is making proteins. The picture shows how manufacturing proteins in the cell is manufacturing a product in a factory.  The walls and roof of a factory building are supported by steel or concrete beams and columns. Some cells also have a supporting structure—the cytoskeleton.





  1. Create a drawing of a  “cellular city”.
  2. Indicate if you are drawing an animal or plant cell city.

Include at least 10 of the following organelles


Chloroplast              endoplasmic reticulum

Chromosomes         cell wall

Nucleus                   mitochondria

Cytoplasm               nucleolus

Ribosomes              vacuole

Centriole                 cell membrane

Golgi apparatus        nuclear membrane



4.     Color your drawings, label and identify your work. 

5.     Include a key so I know what represents each organelle.

6.     Name your city.



_______ Creativity/ use of color( 15 pts)


______  Correct science ( make sure that it is a plant cell or an animal not an “it” cell) 15 pts


______  Effort/completeness(10 pts)


______ labels correctly spelled and neatness (10 pts)


BONUS: +2 each extra organelle shown 54-56 points possible














Option B: ( 50-55 pts)

Organelle want ad:


Write a want ad for the 8 organelles which you selected on the card I gave you. There is a ninth organelle which you may do for extra credit. ( +2) You must hand the card in with your want ads.


In your ad you must include:


Ø     The name of the organelle

Ø     The job description (the function of the organelle)

Ø     The responsibilities of the organelle (what other organelles does it work with and how does it interact with them)

Ø     Where and how to apply (be creative and make this up)

Ø     A salary. (be creative. Make your salary reflect the importance of the organelle.)


Grading: for each add (Remember, you must do 8! You will lose points in every category if you fail to do 8) –


_________ grammar and spelling & Neatness- typed, or written without cross -outs. NO pencil!  (5 points)


_________ Creativity & where/how to apply salary (10 pts)


_________ Job descriptions (functions) correct (24 pts)


________  Responsibilities given (8 pts)


_________ Effort (3 points)


________ Bonus +5 if you can format your ads as if it was the want ad section of the newspaper.




57 points possible:

OPTION C (50-58 points)

The vocabulary that you need to know for the Living Environment Regents Exam might seem like a foreign language to you.  Sometimes, putting some of the technical words into songs that define them will help you remember what they mean.  For example:

Technical information:  iodine is an indicator.

It indicates starch by turning blue.


(to the tune of “We Love You Conrad”)


We love you iodine

Oh yes, we do.

When you are with some starch

You’re blue…

You heal our cuts and scrapes

You do

Oh iodine, we love you.

Technical information:  Dehydration synthesis is a reaction in which two smaller molecules are joined together by removing 2 hydrogens (H’s) and 1 oxygen (O’s) from the molecules, thus producing water and a larger molecule.












Song:  (to the tune of “Yakity-Yak”)


Take out the H’s and the O’s!

Or you’ll get water in your nose.

It’s de-hy-dra-tion syn-the-sis.

Water’s a product, yes it is!

Yakity-yak, water don’t come back.


Directions: Your topic is the organelles of a cell.  Go back to your notes AND text book.  Write a song based on the names of the organelles and their functions.  Usually it works well to use an existing tune and put your new lyrics to the known tune (like above “Iodine” song).  When you turn in your song, use the above examples as a guide: 


(1)   Make notes about the organelles and if they are plant/animal organelles.

(2)   Describe the interactions of the organelles with other organelles.

(3)   write your song.


Include the following organelles


endoplasmic reticulum                                  Chromosomes  

Nucleus                                                       mitochondria

Cytoplasm                                                   Ribosomes                   

Vacuole                                                       cell membrane



_______ Creativity ( 10 pts)


_______ Organelles plant or animal cell (5 pts)


______  Correct science- Be sure to give the function of each organelle ( 15 pts)


______ Relationships between the organelles. (10 pts)


______  Effort/ (10 pts)


Bonus: Perform your song for the class +5 ( +8 if you can get the class to sing along)

          55- 58 points possible.

Option D:


Build a 3D model of the cell. ( It must be constructed not a drawing). You may use any materials you want, but you will need to provide them. FYI- jello is often suggested, but it is very hard to work with and I would not recommend it.


  1. Include all the following organelles:


Mitochondria                     Chromosomes                          Nuclear membrane

Cytoplasm                         Ribosomes                              Lysosome       

Endoplasmic reticulum      Cell membrane                        Golgi apparatus

Nucleus                             Nucleolus                                Vacuole


  1. Then, decide if you want to make a plant cell or an animal cell and include the cell wall and chloroplast or the centriole. Be sure to make the shape of your cell correct.


  1. Build your organelles as realistically as possible. Make them look like they do under the electron microscope.


  1. Label the organelles and their functions either on your model or on a separate key.



Grading: No credit if not 3D


_____ Appearance: organelles look realistic ( like microscope pictures) / shape of the cell /plant cell OR animal(15 points)


_____ Science:  are the functions correct? (15 points)


_____ Completeness: required organelles shown & clearly labeled.  Are the functions complete?  (15 pts)


_____ effort ( 5 points)


_____ neatness/grammar/ spelling  of the labels and functions.(5 points)


55 points possible








Option E:


Cell Catalog ( 58 points possible)

Your catalog must include the following:

1. A catchy cover with a slogan and your name.                                                       _______ 3 pts


2. You must include at least the following organelles


endoplasmic reticulum                                  Chromosomes  

Nucleus                                                       mitochondria

Cytoplasm                                                   Ribosomes                   

Vacuole                                                       cell membrane


For each organelle you will need to include


  ** A picture ( Xerox or from the web): remember footnote.                                   _____ 16 pts


  ** A description of the organelle's function.  This description should include the organelle's job in the cell.  It should answer such questions as why is the organelle important?  Why would I want to buy one for my cell?  The description should be written creatively so that it reads like a catalog entry.    Remember to be creative.  Make your catalog as much like a catalog you would receive in the mail as possible. This is a chance for those of you who are creative to excel!                                                                                                                                             ______24 pts                                     


4. Your organelle descriptions should be typed or written neatly (no cross-outs) and biologically correct.                                                                                                    ______ 5 pts


5. You will need to include a bibliography with at least five sources cited.  This will be the last page of your catalog. You must use scientific format for your citations.               ______5 pts


6.  Creativity and effort                                                                                            _____5 pts